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Name change

What should I do if I changed my name since I made the flight booking?

If a female traveller booked a ticket in her maiden name (i.e. her original name before marriage) but is travelling with a new travel document that has her new married name, then she should provide a copy of her marriage certificate so that the airline can make a note of it.


Do I need to give my middle name?

It is not a requirement to add middle names when making a booking with us; most airlines will keep note of your middle names in their system but it will not appear on your ticket. For example: Mr. Ahmed Ali Jabbar will appear as Jabbar/AhmedMr on your ticket.


How do I transfer my booking?

Airlines do not allow you to transfer your airline tickets to another traveller, you must cancel your original booking and book a new ticket.


What do I do if my name is misspelled on the booking?

Most airlines allow for minor corrections to misspelled names (e.g. Mohammed/Mohamad, Ali/Aly), but do not allow name changes to the travellers originally booked. If there is a spelling mistake, we shall request the airlines for a name correction. The final approval will come from the airlines. Kindly make sure you always enter the correct name as stated in your passport in order to avoid any inconvenience.